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Future Islands
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Future Islands — Fall From Grace

I am ready for this song to melt my face off live.

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Boys in the studio! 


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Play this while you shoot! 




1. Kanye West featuring Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz - Mercy (SHASH’U Remix)
2. Jay Z - 99 Problems (Benji Boko Remix)
3. ScHoolboy Q featuring Kendrick Lamar - Collard Greens (Childish Major Remix)
4. A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
5. Chance the Rapper - Paranoia (Kamandi Remix)
6. Charlie XCX - You (Ha Hah Ha) (Goldroom Remix)
7. STRKT featuring Little Dragon - Wildfire
8. Phantogram - When I’m Small (RAC Remix)
9. Miguel - Do You (Cashmere Cat Remix)
10. Damon Albarn - Monkey Bee (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Carlos Campos: Passion fo Fashion!

1. How did you begin as a designer?

My father was a tailor in Honduras, so I grew up around fashion and learned to sew at a very young age.

2. In the collection there is a lot of blue and triangles, how have these things inspired you?

 I imagine fashion in the future to be more uniform in design, and I wanted to articulate this in the collection.  By using a single colour I felt that this would be a more modern approach to this vision.  I chose navy as I was inspired by night sky. The triangles were inspired by designs in the ponchos worn by the gauchos of South America.

3. Your presentation was very simple and to the point. How/why did you decide to keep it so simple ?

Life is complicated… why should your fashion

4. What was your favorite part about presenting at Industria Superstudio?

I loved the flow of the environment; it’s an iconic space that is such a part of New York fashion history.

5. How would you describe the Carlos Campos man?

 A world traveler, well read, confident and capable in his work as well as his life outside of work…  and he looks the part.

6. What would be your dream job if you weren’t a designer?

I’d be the goalkeeper for the Honduran National soccer team!

Interview by Ashley Walker 

Photo by Marko Kalfa

David Hart Talks Fashion + Inspiration in NYC!

1. What was your inspiration for the current collection?

 For Fall 2014 I was inspired by the classic television series “The Twilight Zone” along with Rod Serling’s personal style.  There is a lot of texture in the textiles that we developed this season which is a nod to television static.

2. How did you begin as a designer?

The truth is that I’ve always loved clothing and fashion.  I started in high school making prom dresses for friends.  I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for college and after graduation I worked as a designer for Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren before launching my own collection of neckwear in 2009.  I’ve since expanded into a full collection of tailored menswear.

3. How would you describe the David Hart man?  

The David Hart man is confident and not too fussy; he appreciates well made clothing, great textiles, and above all he likes feeling and looking great in his clothing.

4. We loved the simplicity of your presentation. How and why did you decide on the set up and what made you choose Industria to showcase your collection?

 I really wanted the clothing to speak for itself and tell it’s own story.  The space at Industria is perfect for this. I’m not into gimmicks or props to get the mood across.

5. What is it about New York City that still brings stylish people from around the world and continues to inspire you?  

It’s the energy and the buzz in the city…it’s full of color.  There’s inspiration everywhere; from the newspapers, libraries, art museums, galleries, and restaurants…there’s literally anything you need within a 10 block radius (most of the time)

 Interview by Ashley Walker 

Photo by David White