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The Man and Woman Show


Romain Bernardie James, Antoine Floch, and Olivier Migda are the three masterminds behind the Man and Woman Shows. They met three years ago in Paris while collaborating on photography and fashion projects and decided to start the MAN SHOW. Paris, New York and soon Tokyo (July 2014) are home to their sophisticated, highly curated trade shows. Their eye to detail shows in everything, from the focused choice of designers, selected audience, to the beautiful venue (Industria!) and artwork/design that accompanies each show.  We sat down with Antoine at Industria during the Woman Show:


The Man and Woman Shows have been quite successful. How did this project come about?

We started doing the Man and Woman shows two years ago. After talking to many designers, press and buyers we saw the need for something smaller, more curated that presented the collections in a very focused way. The emphasis for all our shows in Paris, New York and soon Tokyo is on the curating, both on the brands and the visitors side. We choose both very carefully. For example, we have the shows open only to press and buyers, not to the general public. In each city we invite the key players of each specific market who can really contribute to the success of the designers. This is very important to us.  In Paris, 80% of the traffic is from outside of France. In New York, 80% is North American and 20% Asian.


The Shows are a three-men operation. How does each of you fit in?

Olivier is the CFO and general producer. He handles the financial and marketing part. Roman is the creative director. His focus is on the visuals, the magazine, the website and the artwork chosen for every edition. I oversee sales and take care of buyers and designers.


How do you go about selecting the brands?

When choosing the designers, we look at their brand identity, their website, their retailers. It is very important that each has good retailers under their belts. We are committed to bring in great buyers, but we also do count on the valuable audience that each exhibitor brings in. 


We have noticed the strong focus on visuals in your trade shows. Can you tell us more about it?

The three of us have been working in the creative industry for the past 10 years. We are very attentive to art direction, so every season we create special visuals for both the Man and Woman Shows. Now, we are also publishing magazine where we interview relevant fashion insiders, like buyers, showroom owners, department stores, designers and creators who share their opinions on men and women’s fashion. This content is very valuable to our audience and exhibitors.


Why Tokyo as your next destination?

We’ve had a very strong attendance by the Japanese audience since the first edition. Many of our exhibitors and buyers were also suggesting doing the shows in Tokyo. So we finally decided to give it a try. We will be launching at the end of July.


Based on your experience with trade shows, what is your best advice to designers?

Don’t commit to a trade show if you don’t know exactly where you want to take your brand in 1 or even 5 years from now

Interview and illustration by Costanza Musumeci 

FLASHBACK - Visvim fall 2014 showroom at Industria Superstudio Fashion Week 

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